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Supplementary Location: Crab Cliffs

Bordering a violent and dark sea, the Crab Cliffs are jagged and worn from the howling winds and spitting rain. From the cliff’s edge, they descend roughly 30 meters to the narrow beach below. A jetty extends far into the raging sea, making navigating the shoreline particularly hazardous. Despite the relentless waves, the wreckage of ancient ships can be seen embedded among the rocks.

The Crab Cliffs take their name from the deep sea crabs which use them as mating grounds every ten years. A number of flooded caves host their massive colonies, and the crabs only leave them to hunt. Local rumors claim that during this time, the caves are full to the brim with treasures of sunken ships, which the crabs use to court mates.

Crab Cliffs – found alongside an indiscriminate footpath, the Crab Cliffs would be indistinguishable from any other perilous seaside precipice, if not for the giant deep sea crabs that may be spotted combing their rocky crevices. Local fisherfolk know to give the cliffs wide berth during the crabs’ mating season, lest they become their prey.

Information for GMs – the rumors of the Crab Cliffs are true – the deep sea crabs have a strong affinity for treasures, particularly ones that glimmer and gleam. Many vessels (especially those of pirates) have been sunk on the high seas by disorganized raids from the crabs. The Crab Cliff caves are in fact brimming with gold, gems, and other valuable items, jealously guarded by male crabs, as females roam the rocky cliffs in search of food; the larger of which the better.

The actual location of the Crab Cliffs is intentionally ambiguous. They can border any untamed sea, acting as a standalone adventure, an adventure hook, or just a quick encounter to inject some action into an existing adventure.

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Supplementary Spell: Summon Demon

Summon demon (magical spell) – summons a random demon (HP 1; P5, I5; T12) from the depths of the underworld. Summoner must save 5 (-1 for each level of the summoner) – if succeeded, the demon is obedient; if failed, the demon will attack indiscriminately.

The demon may freely cast possess (may be used to inflict self-harm on target) and one of the following spells: fire bolt, magic missile, wave of confusion.

The summon demon spell is a powerful magical spell for any magic users willing to take the risk; both to their safety and their conscience. This spell may or may not hint at the events of the upcoming adventure, The Hand That Wounds – that is soon to be revealed.

Keep in mind, characters may only learn this spell from an appropriate spellbook. They may not choose this as a starting spell.

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Supplementary Race: Cat Folk

Cat Folk - Swift and silent, cat folk are a people of few words, though their extreme intelligence allows them to speak innumerable languages. They rarely live in groups larger than ten, and males are typically nomadic.

  • PP spent on agility-type efforts result in an automatic success (does not apply to attacks)
  • +1 to sneak or detect

Cat folk are an uncommon sight, and are therefore likely to produce reactions of awe (and possibly even fear) in humanoid settlements. Renowned as vicious warriors and noble creatures, cat folk are typically held to the highest esteem, a fact for which they are very appreciative; even if they don’t immediately show it.

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Supplementary Monster: Deep Sea Crab

Deep Sea Crab (5HP; +2P; T6) – normally found within only the most savage of seas, deep sea crabs will dwell on beach shores and rocky sea cliffs for one month every ten years (their mating season). Female crabs are much larger (normally 4 feet tall, and 8-10 feet wide) and more aggressive than males, possessing one giant claw that could effortlessly shear a character in two. Males are an iridescent blue and green, and fairly easy to spot. Females, however, range from tan to rocky brown, and are naturally camouflaged as a result.

  • Crush (trick) – on a successful attack, force the victim to save (5); if failed, the victim is pinned and must save (5) each turn to break the pin. Deep sea crab will automatically inflict 1 damage on victim on its turn; it may not make any other attacks.

The deep sea crab, as its name suggests, has been made gigantic by the effects of deep sea gigantism. They tend to attack in disorderly packs, and while they’re fairly slow, they have a carapace as hard as iron, making them easy to hit, but difficult to kill.


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