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Tiny d10 begins anew!

After a couple month hiatus, I’ve found the motivation (and the three-day weekend) required to revisit Tiny d10. Unfortunately, I haven’t done anything productive like play-test, promote, or even edit the new material. C’est la vie. The important thing is that I’m ready to finish the Tiny d10: A Complete Guide. To reiterate, there’s some cool stuff in there: the core rules, a bestiary, an armory, and an adventure (and probably some more things that I’m forgetting about), all conveniently packed into one .pdf! I’m pretty confident that it will really move things along with my little system.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a creation of mine that wasn’t good enough to place first, second, third, or even garner an honorable mention in a magic item competition. You’re welcome.

Mug of Infancy
Though it appears a plain wooden mug, its simplicity belies its dangerous power. Once the Mug of Infancy has been drank from, the imbiber will be immediately transformed into an infant, the effects of which lasting up to 1d10+10 hours. There is a 10% chance of this effect being permanent, or requiring a magical intervention to reverse.

Note: Due to this item’s mundane appearance, it is likely to be misunderstood, and therefore, misplaced. It would not be uncommon for this mug to be found among the dinnerware at a local tavern.


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