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The tiny RPG!

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Status Update

Well, I’m still in the process of changing Tiny d10. Not the core mechanics, but more of its core role. In the same way that a one-page RPG fills a non-existent need, a completely genre-agnostic, bare bones engine offers something that few players want.

TD10’s simplicity and usefulness is completely undermined by its lack of support; no classes, adventures, monsters, nothing. This lack puts a huge creative burden on GMs, rather than liberating them as I had previously thought. While its core mechanics are as solid as ever, that’s all it is right now, and that’s not very useful. It’s like trying to use a computer when all you’ve got is a CPU.

So, in an effort to correct this problem, I’m taking some time off from the blog and creating supplementary content to make Tiny d10 something that can be used by someone other than myself (and the limited few who have braved a play-test or two of this system – I salute you).

When I return, I will bring with meĀ Tiny d10: The Complete Guide. This will be a full core rules set, and include a bestiary, items and weapons tables, a fantasy setting, and a miniature adventure; everything needed to really get playing Tiny d10!


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