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Supplementary Tome: Baldric’s Book of Basilisks

Baldric’s Book of Basilisks (book; zoology) – The black leather cover, probably dragonskin, is worn and cracked, clearly showing every sign of its advanced age. The pages within threaten to crumble at human touch, and great care must be taken to preserve them.

The condition of the thick, handwritten, ink-smudged tome, is one of the following (1d10):

  • 1-3: Smeared ink and dark blood stains render the writing almost entirely illegible
  • 4-6: the author’s incoherent ramblings are often difficult to understand, requiring extensive study
  • 7-9: an unusually well preserved copy, easily read and understood
  • 10: an aged but magically preserved copy, handwritten by Dyden Baldric himself, containing a vial of basilisk antivenin

Depending on the condition of the book, readers will discover at least one or more of the following:

  • Basilisks have excellent night vision, but exceedingly poor day vision
  • They are especially sensitive to cold; cold attacks deal double damage
  • To some extent, a basilisk’s sight is based on movement
  • They mate for life, but rarely found in pairs; no one knows why
  • Hatchlings may mistake the first living creature they see for their mothers
  • They are naturally ambivalent toward humans; an aggressive basilisk indicates they were tamed (commonly by a sorcerer)
  • In addition to a deadly gaze and a venomous bite, basilisks also have venomous skin which can be fatal to the touch
  • They have an affinity for precious stones, most favoring dark gems like black jade, fire opal, and onyx
  • Their gaze can turn their victims to stone; using a mirror against it is not effective
  • They dislike the scent of small rodents

The better the condition of the book (and the more time available to study it), the more likely readers are to discover most (if not all) of these facts. Though valuable, Baldric’s Book of Basilisks is a fairly common tome, and as such, will be worth little more than a few gold pieces. However, should players find the original book (found on the roll of 10), a proper buyer may be willing to offer up to 50 gold pieces.


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Supplementary Monster: The Poisoned Well

The Poisoned Well (10HP; T6; monster; living structure) – Slowly trawling the desolate countryside under the cover of night, the Poisoned Well is a living structure almost indistinguishable from non-living wells.

It captures its victims by supplanting the wells of small villages and towns with itself, masquerading as a water supply. It is an intelligent hunter, typically only taking its prey when it is unlikely to be seen by others. In this way, the Poisoned Well can devour a number of victims before villagers discover the well is poisoned, though not in the way they think.

In more remote locations (such as dungeons or deep forests), it may appear to be enchanted, attempting to mislead individuals by displaying one of the following effects (roll 1d10):

  • 1-3: glows a soft, effervescent blue; smells of wild berries and sweet honey
  • 4-6: crisp, bubbling pink liquor; rainbow vapor sprays from its carbonated surface
  • 7-9: clear, clean water; a cooling gust of wind emanates from the well
  • 10: GM’s choice

Drinking from the Poisoned Well may cause delirium (roll of 1-3), 1DAM (roll of 4-6), 2DAM (roll of 7-9), or have no effect (roll of 10).

The Poisoned Well is armed with lashing, acid-coated tentacles (+2P, 2DAM) and at the bottom of the Well, a pool of caustic green acid bubbles, waiting to consume its victims.

Feat: Consume – on ATK roll of 10, target must save (5) or be pulled into bottom of the Well; target takes 1DAM per minute starting next round.

The Poisoned Well is a great monster to use at the center of a pressing mystery, either used as a hook or a standalone adventure. It could be the reason a number villagers suddenly go missing, or the source of a growing wave of delirium causing townsfolk to attack each other. The pace of such a mystery can quickly become frenetic and maddening, and should put pressure on the characters (and their respective players) to solve it.

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Supplementary Character: Marcus Lansing, Schlock Mercenary

Name: Marcus Lansing

Race: Fobottr (4 arms, +1 Reflex)

Class: Low-G Acrobat (Strong); T9, HW

Class Feature(s):

  • Acrobatics (+1 to Toughness when able to dodge)

Feat: Leap

Attributes: +3R, +2P, +1I, +1A

Weapons: None

Hit and Power Points: 6 HP, 4 PP

Background: Marcus Lansing accepted a very tempting offer as a mobility trainer for a band of space mercenaries based out of earth. He had enjoyed his life as an entertainer in the low gravity center of a rotating mall, but he liked the idea of teaching others his trade, and he liked the idea of the pay check. He had not read the fine print. Part of the pay check was a combat multiplier, and though he wasn’t hired as a soldier, their missions occasioned everyone a chance for battle.

Marcus is a shining example of creativity in Tiny d10. Made by the creator of Mind Weave (a blog/game-in-development that I highly recommend), he was made in under twenty minutes (the time owing to a custom Class Feature and Feat). I chose to share this because Marcus is a wonderfully unique character, but also because he demonstrates the fact that you can do nearly anything with the new Tiny d10 core.

And I do mean anything. I’m currently working on a game where the players are cats in 14th century Italy, run on the Tiny d10 core. So far, so good.

If you want your character shared to the front page of Tiny d10, then leave him or her in the comments below!


Supplementary Character: Victorian Spy

Name: Rosa Valdez

Race: Human (+1 to lowest attribute)

Class: Spy (smart); T7, LW only.

Class feature(s):

  • Thief’s kit
  • +1 to conceal

Feat: Charm

Attributes: +3I, +2A, +2R, +1P

Weapons: Cyanide capsules; Derringer

Hit and power points: 7HP, 3PP

Background: Miss Rosa Valdez is a new initiate to the Victorian Spy Agency, Spanish Chapter. The VSA is an independent espionage firm that offers its services to governments, businesses, and individuals alike. Miss Valdez is exceptionally skilled in the art of charm, and uses it to her every advantage. Where charm fails, her good aim doesn’t.

Rosa Valdez was among the first characters created using the new core rules (v3). As you’ll see, it required no supplements, no pre-published settings/classes/class features/weapons/etc; it only took a little bit of creativity and about five minutes (and some GM moderation)!


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