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Home-brewing Guide Preview

I’m about half-way done with the home-brewing guide, and I’m drawing something of a blank adding new content. I’m not quite sure what else would be useful to GMs, though I know I’m leaving tons of information out.

Anyway, I’m going to share what I’ve got so far here.

If you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!

To be clear, I’m by no means stopping – I’ll keep working on it! I’m just curious for another perspective on what’s useful and essential.

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With work on the Home-brewing Guide underway, I’ve been digging through my overfilled and poorly organized folder of disused, abandoned, aborted, or unfinished content for Tiny d10. While doing that, I found a bunch of almost-finished miniature adventures that I think will perfectly complement the Home-brewing Guide.

These adventures fulfill only the most bare minimum requirements – they are absent of any supplementary information like classes, weapons, feats, and the like. Instead, I hope the Home-brewing Guide will allow GMs to fill in the blanks, quickly guiding the creation of content they feel will best fit the adventure.

While neither the adventures or the guide is up yet, you can get a sneak preview of the adventures (which I’m calling Tiny Adventures) over at the downloads page, under the ‘miscellany’ section.

Or just go here.

I’ll be expanding the Tiny Adventures while simultaneously working on the Home-brewing Guide. In the meantime, give the tiny adventure ‘Storm the Castle!’ a try if you’d like.

Thanks for looking!

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Tiny d10’s Home-brewing Guide v2 Begins!

So, out of the 12 votes received (thanks again to all who voted), the majority vote (5) was for an updated home-brewing guide. I’m happy to report that, as of today, I’ve begun the updating process!

Regarding the other options (adventures, extended rules, and more content in general), I do intend to (someday) work on these. Adventures are the trickiest, because they are typically dependent on a setting – this means they come with a lot of overhead. I’ll work on figuring that out, but in the meantime, the new home-brewing guide should make Tiny d10 plenty useful.

Also, Tiny d10 now has an official Facebook page! I’ve put off sharing it for a while now, largely because I wanted to polish it up a bit. Well, thanks to you all, I have, and feel comfortable with giving it a little more exposure.

If you’re interested, you can head over to the Facebook page, give it a like (I solemnly vow this will be the only time I ask for that ever), and share away!

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Preliminary Poll Results

So far, the updated home-brewing guide is in the lead. I’m inclined to agree this is the most productive direction to follow.

The home-brewing guide could easily benefit GMs more than anything else, all the while preserving Tiny d10’s genre-independent spirit.

Providing no one can make any compelling arguments to the contrary, I think that’s what I’ll start working on. I leave the poll up for a few more days, though, just to be sure.

To everyone who cast their vote, thanks so much for taking the time to share your perspective!

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Quick Poll

In an effort to improve my work habits (see previous post), I’ve been searching for a little direction. I figure, why not reach out to the players of Tiny d10?

So, here’s your chance to share your opinions! What would you like to see next for Tiny d10?

  • Adventures? The format I’m currently experimenting with consists of a brief introduction of the genre and environment (thereby negating the need for genre-specific supplements).
  • Updated home-brewing guide? This would be a much needed update and improvement to the existing home-brewing guide, and would better equip GMs to build their own classes, environments, adventures, monsters, and more.
  • Extended core rules? I’m still on the fence about the usefulness of this one. I know I have, in the past, expressed concern regarding the point of a single-page RPG, but I’m still not certain that TD10 needs anything more than that. However, extended core-rules could clear up any longstanding confusion regarding rules.
  • Something else? If I’ve made the poll correctly, this should be an option. If I didn’t, just leave me a comment. If you’d like to see something else (a weapons guide? A bestiary?), let me know, and be specific! It may not be my first priority, but you can bet I’ll start brainstorming it!

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now. Send some direction my way!

Until next time, happy play-testing!


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