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Tiny d10 v4: The Complete System!

Well, I managed to move a little quicker than I thought, and I’ve actually finished (completely) Tiny d10 version 4! There’s no need to discuss the changes, as my last two posts have more than addressed that, so I’ll make this short.

This version is, by far, my favorite version of Tiny d10. Splitting character creation and play rules into two pages has worked wonders on the usability of the system. Explanations are now more detailed and robust, and I think the system just makes a lot more sense.

Now that I’m (very) happy with the state of TD10, a few things are in order, first among them: apologies.

A few good, creative fans have spent a lot of time and effort creating original content for Tiny d10. Through my months of compulsive dissatisfaction with the core system and obsessive need for perfection, I retired their content without considering how much effort they’d put into it. I’ve since returned it (you can find it here), but never apologized for my lack of consideration. So, I’m sorry. Thanks for making things for my fledgling little game. Your efforts have been a huge help for it.

Next, another road map! In the coming months I hope to achieve a few things:

  • Addendums! Another document containing a more extensive collection of items, weapons, armor, equipment, spells, and more! Relics, magic items, and cursed artifacts included.
  • Monsters! A full page of snarling, beastly, slimy, poky, bitey, stabby spooks for use in your homebrewed campaigns!
  • Adventures! At least one, to be included as the default adventure of the core system.
  • Porting! A detailed post on how to port the core engine to other settings.

And that about does it for me. Let me know what you think of version 4, and as always, HAPPY PLAYTESTING!

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Introducing Tiny d10 version 4!

Well, for the first time in months, I’ve actually delivered. Tiny d10 has officially entered its fourth incarnation, having endured the most significant changes since its quantum leap from the first to second version. Most of the changes I mentioned in my previous post have worked out – most importantly (and excitingly) is the inclusion of four classes, a basic weapons table, and 20 spells! The core system has been simplified through the elimination of AP and feats, and the renaming of some elements to more familiar terms (class features are now class abilities, for instance).

Now, the caveat: Tiny d10 version 4 is technically incomplete. As you might imagine, including all these new features on just a single sheet was impossible. However, I didn’t want to abandon the miniaturized feel of the original layout, so I compromised by making version 4 two pages long: one for character creation, one for play instructions. The play instructions page is still under development.

One huge benefit of this new layout is that I can explain in greater detail some nuances of game play that were previously a little cloudy. And hey, what’s one more page?

In the future, expect to see the second page of version 4, and possibly even a short adventure which will explore the new default setting.

Check out Tiny d10 version 4 and let me know what you think!

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For the Informed: A Road Map to Tiny d10’s Future

I’ve mused on the idea here before, but I’ll share again: an RPG system is only as useful as its resources. Right now, Tiny d10 has very limited resources – a bare bones rules set and a character sheet. As a result, it’s not so useful.

My current project aims to resolve that. I’m working on expanding the rules using a default setting (high fantasy), with a campaign environment (the Realm of Illithud). Some changes to the underlying mechanics will follow, including:

  • eliminating AP, and using XP instead;
  • implementing advancement tables;
  • eliminating feats;
  • renaming class features to class abilities (and modifying the content slightly);
  • and several more insignificant adjustments.

The new core document will include full rules, a fantasy setting (to include races, classes, spells, equipment, weapons, monsters, and more) and a campaign environment (to include a realm hex map, adventure hooks, and more). Once all is said and done, this should make Tiny d10 a lot more useful.

Now, the bad news: this is going to take a long time. I don’t like to divulge personal information (especially not here, where there’s even less of a need for it), but between finally finishing my degree and buying a house that is in desperate need of renovation (not to mention my full-time job), I don’t have much time to work on Tiny d10. Not to fear, though! I’ll be doing my best to advance the project in my spare time and between semesters. This whole update was just to inform those of you who are still interested in this system (I’m looking at you, Slovakia!) that it’s not over yet – good things are happening, just at a very slow pace.

Thanks for sticking around, or for new visitors, thanks for stopping by. Do what you can with the downloads available, and stay excited for what’s to come! If you’ve got any feedback (thoughts on the changes, things you’d like to see in the expanded rules, or anything else) comment here, or strike up a conversation with me on G+!


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