The Barbarian

Barbarians are warriors who hail from wild, loosely organized tribes of people who reject civilization, instead choosing to rove the land freely, fighting and pillaging to their hearts content.

Toughness: 8

Weapon use: Heavyweight & below.

Armor use: None.

Bonuses: +3 HP.

Starting Class Abilities

Deathless: When reduced to 1 HP, opponents must succeed a power challenge (you gain a +1 temporary power bonus during these rolls) to damage you further. If they succeed the challenge, you may cancel that success at the cost of 3 PP.

Bloody rage: When reduced to half or below of your total HP, you enter a bloody rage. This state lasts for 1d5 + your level rounds and grants you +3 temporary HP, an additional +2 temporary damage, and +1 temporary power.

Unwavering will: Once per day (or at the cost of 2 PP), you may re-roll any check, challenge, or attack roll.

Additional Class Abilities

Shout of fury: Once per encounter (or at the cost of 1 PP), force up to 1d5 x your level opponents to aspect save 6; if failed, they suffer a -2 attack penalty for 1 round.

Shout of war: Once per encounter (or at the cost of 1 PP), allies may conduct an aspect check 6; if succeeded, they gain +1 attack for one round.

Cleave: On an attack roll of 10, you gain an extra attack action against that target.

Wrath: Any opponent which deals you more than 2 damage may invoke your wrath; you gain +1 attack bonus against it (lost if you attack another target).

Combat menace: Opponents perceive you as a threat; as such, they are more likely to target you. You gain +1 toughness and +2 attack bonus if facing 4 or more opponents at once.

Flesh wound: You heal at a rate of 2 HP per heal check.

First blood: At the beginning of a combat encounter, if you are the first to deal damage, you gain a +1 attack bonus for the remainder of the encounter.

Fury: Bloody rage now lasts 1d10 + your level rounds.

Plunderer: Gain +1 to all checks that require concealment or stealth.