The Bard

Bards are masters of music and lore, spinning grand tales of mighty battles, epic heroes, and histories almost forgotten. They are charismatic, light on their feet, and extremely street smart.

Toughness: 6

Weapon Use: Lightweight only.

Armor Use: None.

Bonuses: +3 PP.

Starting Class Abilities

Power song: Once per day (or at the cost of 4 PP), play a song, recite a poem, or sing lyrics that have one of the following effects, all of which last as many combat rounds or minutes equal to your level (and affects up to 5 x your level creatures):

  • hypnotism (control actions of target – may not cause self-harm);
  • inspiration (+1 to all ally rolls);
  • slumber (aspect check 10 to wake from).

Healing song: Once per day, raise spirits with humorous banter and light-hearted song; if you succeed a T6 aspect check (or possess the heal skill), fully heal 1 creature.

Cutting limerick: Once per encounter, a target suffers a -2 penalty to toughness for your level amount of rounds (save 5 + your level).

Additional Class Abilities

Amplify: Once per encounter, through the power of sound, all ranged attacks gain a +1 bonus for 1d5 + your level rounds. At level 2 and above: Only allied ranged attacks gain the bonus.

Wall of sound: Once per day, you create an impenetrable wall of sound 10 feet wide. Entities attempting to penetrate the wall will fail, and must save 6; if failed, they suffer 1 damage; last 1d5 rounds.

Troubador: Gain automatic favor with all good-aligned creatures, receiving ale, food, money, rumors, and other favors by playing wonderful songs and telling exciting tales.

Sound wave: Knock down 1d5 + your level opponents and deal 2 damage each. Cost: 3 PP.

Slander: You may turn the people against one subject, causing them to riot or attack; aspect challenge vs target.

Sound explosion: deals 1d5 damage to one target; dazes (intellect save 6; if failed, they lose a combat turn) up to 1d5 targets in the immediate area. Cost: 2 PP.

Freedom song: dispel any and all effects against allies. Cost: 2 PP.

Inspire competence: Allies gain +2 on skill checks for 1d5 minutes. Cost: 1 PP.