The Cleric

Clerics are mighty battle priests and priestesses who wield weapons of war as well as divine magic. In addition, they are also powerful healers.

Toughness: 7

Weapon use: Heavyweight & below; no sharp weapons.

Armor use: Mediumweight & below.

Bonuses: +2 PP, +1 MP; devotion to one god (see The Pantheon).

Starting Class Abilities

Spell-casting (divine): Clerics start with 2 spells and may cast any divine spells for their cost in magic points (MP). May not cast any other types of spells.

Words of strength: Once per encounter, you recite a short invocation that grants +1 power to all allies within earshot, the effects of which last 1 combat round.

Words of healing: Once per encounter (or at the cost of 2 PP), you recite a short invocation that grants 1 + your level HP to one ally within earshot.

Additional Class Abilities

Call to battle: Once per encounter, call on your allies to roll 1d10; on a roll of 8 or higher, they gain an extra attack on their next turn.

Healing sacrifice: Once per day, you may fully heal all allies within within 10 feet; you are reduced to half (rounded down) of your current HP and PP.

Bless: Once per day, you may bless a weapon in the name of your gods. It will remain holy for an entire combat encounter and deal +1 additional damage; they will also deal +1d5 damage to undead entities. At level 3: You may bless 3 weapons.

Call on the mighty: Once per day, your body is imbued with the power of your god, and it radiates beams of heavenly light. For two combat rounds, you cannot suffer damage and gain a +1 attack bonus and +1 additional damage. At level 3: +2 attack bonus and +2 additional damage.

Favored weapon: You master the favored weapon of your deity. As a result, when attacking with that weapon, on a roll of 10, it strikes with the full blessing of your deity, dealing 1d5 damage.