Divine Spells

Burning touch: your touch singes the flesh of your enemies. Deals 1d5 damage, and lasts for (your level) rounds. Cost: 3 MP.

Consecrate: an area of your level x 10 becomes holy. All evil creatures within the area suffer -1 toughness and -1 attack. Cost: 1 MP.

Deathwatch: reveals how close to death entities within 50 feet are. Cost: 1 MP.

Dispel evil: eliminates an evil effect, but only after it has been identified. Cost: 0 MP.

Divine medicine: heals one creature for 1d5 hit points (HP). Cost: 1 MP.

Fear of god: one creature suffers -1 toughness and -2 attack for 1d5 rounds. Cost: 2 MP.

Holy binds: all evil creatures in a 50 foot radius lose 1 combat turn. Cost: 1 MP.

Holy shield: grant a +2 toughness bonus to yourself and any ally within 10 feet for (your level) rounds. Cost: 2MP.

Perform miracle: you call upon your deity to perform a miraculous feat. Intellect check 10 (check value is lowered by 1 for each MP spent). Base cost: 0 MP.

Symbology: you may set a trap of runes that is triggered by an event of your choosing (Cost: 4 MP).

  • The runes are of the following:
    • Paralyze: immobilized for (your level) rounds;
    • Blind: sight is lost for (your level) minutes; -1 to all attack rolls;
    • Instant death (or 5 damage).

Speak in tongues: speak any language; lasts your level amount of hours. Cost: 1 MP.

Speak with the dead: speak with one corpse; ask as many questions as your level + 1. Cost: 1 MP.

Turn undead: force any undead entity within 30 feet to flee from you for 20 seconds or four rounds. Cost: 1 magic point (MP).

Walk on water: you may walk atop water as though it were solid; lasts your level amount of minutes. Cost: 1 MP.

Walk on wind: you and your allies may fly up to 100 feet in a single movement turn. Cost: 2 MP.