The Dragonling

Dragonlings are a race of ancient, draconic humanoids. They are fiercely loyal, and tend to think of the world in simple, black-and-white terms. As a result, dragonlings make great allies and fearsome enemies.

Height: 6′  to 8′

Weight: 400 to 550 pounds

Life span: 350+ years

Appearance: tall, wide-shouldered, and humanoid in stature; clad in thick, sometimes multi-colored, scales.

Racial advantages: Breath weapon (see the following table). Breath weapon occupies a weapon slot and acts just as a weapon, dealing 1 damage on a successful attack. Unless otherwise noted, breath weapons do not have additional attack or damage bonuses.

Breath Weapon


Effect (on attack roll of 10)


Causes the target to catch fire, suffering +1 damage per round; extinguished on intellect check 5.


Causes the target to become frozen, suffering -1 attack per round; thawed on power/aspect check 5.


Causes the target to become electrified,  dealing +1 damage to up to 5 additional enemies (or allies) in the immediate area.


Causes the target to become poisoned, suffering -1 attack damage per round; cured on aspect check 5.