The Druid

Toughness: 5

Weapon use: Mediumweight and below; no axes.

Armor use: Mediumweight and below; no metal armors.

Bonuses: +1 power point (PP), +2 magic points (MP).

Starting Class Abilities

Spell-casting (natural): Druids start with 3 spells and may cast any magical spells for their cost in magic points (MP). Magical spells cost an additional +1 MP.

Animal form: Declare your animal form. Your character may take this form once per day (or at the cost of 1 PP). Doing so takes 5 seconds, or one combat turn, and lasts for as many hours as your level.

Wild growth: Once per day (or at the cost of 1 PP), while in animal form, you grow significantly larger for your level + 1d10 combat rounds. You gain +2 temporary HP and a +1 temporary attack bonus.

Additional Class Abilities
Wild rage: Once per day (or at the cost of 2 PP), while in wild growth animal form, you may enter a state of rage which grants you +1 toughness, a +1 temporary attack bonus, and +1 damage for 1d5 combat rounds.

Tame beast: You may tame non-evil beasts that are in groups of 5 + your level or less on a successful aspect check 5.

Commune with nature: Once per day, you may ask 1 question of any natural entity (animals, plants, dirt, etc) and receive one truthful answer. Requirements: 1d10 minutes to initiate the communication ritual.