Magical Spells

Animate statue: 1 statue will follow basic commands; T4, 10 HP. Will not work on statues taller than 10 feet. Cost: 3 MP.

Animate trap: turn one inanimate object like a book, drawer, or piece of furniture into a trap. The trap springs on a condition you specify and deals 1d5 damage or traps the victim in place until they succeed a power check 8. Cost: 2 MP.

Ball of light: a powerfully bright ball of light whose luminosity to you control (maximum radius is your level x 10 feet). Cost: 0 MP.

Binding enchantment: causes objects like doors, shoes, weapons, etc, to be immovable; lasts for your level minutes, or power check 10 to break the enchantment. Cost: 2 MP.

Create magic item: you may create a magic item (weapon, jewelry, clothing, or similar) and imbue it with the power of any spell you know. It takes a successful intellect check 8 and 3 days to create the item. Cost: 3 MP.

Detect thoughts: you may hear the active thoughts of a target. Cost: 1 MP.

Dumbstruck: target suffers a 1d5 penalty to intellect for 1d5 + your level rounds. Cost: 1 MP. Save versus caster’s spell save.

Feather fall: an object or creature that weighs up to your level X 50 pounds will fall as slowly as a feather. Cost: 2 MP.

Invisibility: target remains invisible for 1d10 + your level combat rounds (or 1 + your level minutes) or until it attacks. Cost: 2 MP.

Permanence: cause any spell that affects a target to become permanent. Cost: 5 MP.