Natural Spells


Animal messenger: a small animal will carry a short message up to 1d10 x 100 miles for you. 0 MP.

Animate plants: up to 1d10 x your level plants (which can be up to twice your size) become animate and will follow basic commands; T4, 1 HP. Cost: 4 MP.

Cutting wind: a powerful icy wind envelopes your foes; deals 1d5 damage to up to 10 opponents. Allies in the wind must save 5 or else suffer damage. Cost: 3 MP.

Detect traps (natural): detect natural traps like pits, snares, trips, and more. Cost: 1 MP.

Hallowed land: designates a natural area (radius of your level x 20 feet) as holy; evil entities may not step foot upon it. All evil entities within the area must flee, suffering 2 damage per turn until out. Cost: 4 MP.

Manipulate object: any object comprised of organic material (earth, grass, wood, etc) can be bent, twisted, moved, or broken. Cost: 1 MP.

Regrowth: target will regrow severed limbs, parts, or appendages. Aspect check 5 to succeed. Cost: 2 MP.

Spider’s web: climb walls and ceilings for 1d10 x your level minutes. Cost: 2 MP.

Unnatural transformation: cause a target to transform into a small animal (frog, mouse, cat, etc) for 1d10 hours. Roll 1d10: on a roll of 1, the effect is permanent. Cost: 2 MP.

Weapon growth: any weapon composed primarily of wood (bows, staffs, clubs, etc) grow to twice their size, gain +1 attack bonus, and double damage. Lasts for 1d5 + your level combat rounds. Cost: 2 MP.