The Rogue

Toughness: 6

Weapon use: Mediumweight and below.

Armor use: Lightweight only.

Bonuses: +1 hit points (HP), +2 power points (PP).

Starting Class Abilities

Evade: Dodge an opponent’s attack. Cost: 2 PP.

Sneak attack: You may add your level as a bonus to attempts to sneak. If this ability is used as an attack, you deal an additional +1 damage if successful.

Deflect projectiles: Each time a projectile is fired/thrown at you, perform a reflex check. If the result is higher than the thrower’s attack roll, you deflect the projectile. Cost: 1 PP (only used if the check is successful).

Additional Class Abilities

Master of disguise: You can quickly disguise yourself, requiring an intellect check 8 + your level to be recognized. Requirements: basic accessories (clothing, hat, items, etc).

Feint: If your attack fails, you may attempt again; the target suffers -1 toughness. Cost: 1 PP.

Hair trigger: For as long as you have daggers, you may throw one immediately if you are approached by an opponent while you are directly engaged in combat.

Cloak and dagger: Once per encounter, you may blend into the din of battle and be unnoticed by opponents in groups of 5 or more; hide check 6 each turn to maintain the illusion, or hide check 8 to blend in again after making an attack.

Bound into battle: If you can jump into a crowd of opponents and attack with surprise, you may immediately attack each opponent adjacent to you.

Ruthless retaliation: Each time an opponent misses an attack against you, roll 1d10: if you roll 10, you gain an immediate attack against them.

Petty theft: Reduce the difficulty of checks for any type of thieving by your level amount.

From the shadows: If you conduct a ranged attack from the shadows, or from behind cover or concealment, the target must succeed an intellect check 8 to determine your location.

Poison strike: When attacking with any melee weapon, on a roll of 10, the target suffers -1 damage per round until cured or dead.

Hail of daggers: Once per day, you launch a hail of 1d5 + your level daggers at one (or a cluster of) target(s).