The Warrior

Toughness: 7

Weapon use: Heavyweight and below.

Armor use: Heavyweight and below.

Bonuses: +2 hit points (HP), +1 power points (PP).

Starting Class Abilities

Power strike: Fighters can use power points (PP) to enhance the damage of their attacks by 1 per PP spent.

Defensive rush: Once per encounter (or at the cost of 2 PP), you may rush to the aid of an ally within 30 feet who is the target of a successful attack. To prevent damage from the attack, you must roll higher than the opponent’s attack roll; otherwise, you take the damage.

Weapon proficiency: You gain proficiency with one of type of weapon. You either deal an additional +1 damage or gain a +1 attack bonus when using it.


Additional Class Abilities

Stunning blow: Once per day (or at the cost of 2 PP), you may stun a target with a powerful blow. The target must power save your level + 5 or be knocked unconscious for 1d5 combat rounds or 1d5 x 10 seconds.

Disarm: During a melee attack roll, if a natural 10 is rolled, roll 1d10 again. If the result is 6 or higher, you disarm your opponent (if the opponent is using a melee weapon).

Battle lock: If engaging an opponent in melee combat, if that opponent attempts to flee or leave your immediate area, you are granted an attack against it.

Withstand: Reduce the damage of an opponent’s successful attack. Cost: 1 PP for every 1 point of damage reduced.

Target: Force opponents within 30 feet of you to attack you. Gain +1 toughness as long as there are 4 or more opponents.

Raised by the sword: Gain +1 to attack when facing an opponent also wielding a sword.

Brawl: Gain a +1 power bonus when fighting barehanded and dealing nonlethal damage.

Heroic strength: Gain a +1 power bonus for power checks involving heroic acts.

Explosive power: You may use your total remaining PP to deal an equal amount of damage. Requirements: you must use your entire available PP.

Army of one: Once per encounter (or at the cost of 1 PP per opponent), on your combat turn you may make a melee attack against every opponent directly engaging you.