The Wizard

Toughness: 5

Weapon use: Lightweight only.

Armor use: Featherweight only.

Bonuses: +3 magic points (MP).

Starting Class Abilities

Spell-casting (magical): Wizards start with 4 spells and may cast any magical spells for their cost in magic points (MP). Natural spells cost an additional +1 MP.

Prestidigitation: Create a small visual or auditory illusion like colored smoke, blinking lights, or flickering shadows. Can be cast in a range of your level x 20 feet.

Stunning spell: Wizards may spend 1 power point (in addition to the attack spell cost) to cause a creature to lose one turn per PP spent.

Additional Class Abilities

Splash spell: On a roll of 10, any attack spell may now deal equal damage to any creatures within a 10 foot radius of the spell’s target.

Magical historian: You are well-studied in all fields relating to magic; therefore, you know all but the most obscure details of magical past and present.

Re-spell: If you cast a spell last combat round, you may cast the same spell again for half its cost.

Friend of Draco: Eons ago, magi and dragons were close friends. Those days are long gone, but you have studied the literature closely. You may speak the language of the dragon, and know one draconic spell (to be chosen from the magical spell table).

Polyglot: You have a knack for languages, and can learn a new tongue solely by hearing it. You know as many additional languages as your level. Requirements: you must hear the language to learn it.